Why I love being self-employed (Part 6)

This reason follows on from the last, as it’s still about CPD. Two years ago I decided that I would like to learn British Sign Language – partly because I’ve always had an interest in communication, partly because as a language teacher I always enjoy trying out new languages, and partly because I really enjoy working with under-achieving children, and deaf children tend to under-achieve.

Having chosen the course I wanted, I eagerly scanned the list of adult education classes that came through my door, discounted all the ones that were on the far side of Birmingham, and all the ones that were on nights when I did private tuition, and was left with one on at 10am on Mondays. If I was employed full-time in a school I would have had to give up right there, but being self-employed I can choose my own hours, so I signed up for it.

Now, unlike most people I love Monday mornings. I can have a bit of a lie-in, a leisurely breakfast and I miss the morning rush hour. I get to start the week by being a learner not a teacher, so I can remind myself what it’s like to be in the position of the children in my class. And at the end of it all I come away with new skills and qualifications.

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2 Responses to Why I love being self-employed (Part 6)

  1. Han says:

    I can sign the alphabet and random words like toilet (then again it could be Makaton rather than BSL). Yeah I know random word to know but it has it’s uses! Me and my friend Kewey would use it while clubbing – it’s too loud to shout at each other so you just get the others attention and sign “toilet” and you would know where the other was off to – I’m sure it probably looked really random but it worked for us. I wouldn’t have use for it in my current job but I did consider learning BSL when I worked at a local builder’s merchant, there was a guy who came in nearly every weekend – usually quite early to avoid the busy times. If he came to ask for help he always came to ask me. The first time I properly noticed him in the store he asked my colleague for help but she kept turning away from her so he couldn’t lip read to understand what she was saying – so somehow I took over and served him that time and made sure that I faced him straight on and spoke slowly (not to treat him stupid but so that I made sure I was clear as I know I have the tendancy to speak fast or mumble) and I think it made all the difference – even when my manager offered to help him once he said no and waited for me to be free.

  2. sjbteaching says:

    BSL and Makaton are really similar (mostly). There are several online dictionaries if you want to learn a few more random words!

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