G is for…

G is for…Grip. Holding your pen or pencil properly is one of the most important parts of writing. With a correct grip you can control your pen easily without your hand hurting. Not only is holding your pen wrongly uncomfortable, but it makes it harder to write neatly and it will make writing seem more of a chore.

picture showing incorrect grippicture showing correct gripThe correct way to hold a pen is in what is called a “triangle grip”. You hold it between your thumb and first finger, and rest it on your second finger. You might find it helps to use a triangular shaped pencil, or a triangle-shaped grip over your pencil to help get your fingers in the right place. You can also get specially-shaped pens from stabilo with the finger grips marked on to help you place your fingers correctly. There are different ones for left and right-handed people, so be sure to get the correct one.

If you don’t already hold your pen like this it will feel strange at first, but keep practising. Don’t try writing straight away – just doodle or draw to get used to holding your pen in this way. Once you hold your pen properly, your writing will flow. Once your handwriting requires less effort, you will be able to concentrate on your ideas and soon they will flow too.

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