J is for…

J is for…Job. Getting a job might seem like something that’s a long way off, but in fact it’s only a few years away. You don’t need to decide yet what job you want to do when you’re older, but you do need to start getting ready for it. Some of the things you learn in school now will help you find your first job, and you need to pay special attention to maths and English. You may think they are a waste of time because you have your heart set on being a footballer, but not many boys who dream of being a footballer get to be one. Not many boys who get to be a footballer get to be one of the stars of the top clubs. Even if you are one of the lucky ones you still need to be able to read and understand your contract, and to work out your pay rises.

As you can see – no matter what job you do, you need maths and English. The harder you try at school, the easier you will find it to find a job you enjoy when you are older.

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2 Responses to J is for…

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Here’s another post that is so true, no matter what age you are, or where you are in your schooling. Hopefully, your students will pay more attention to these suggestions than I’ve seen many students who have passed through my door to have done.

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