K is for…

K is for…Knowledge. Adults can never agree on whether it’s best to teach you knowledge (facts) or skills (how to do something) in school. Most adults think that skills are far more important than knowledge. In reality, both things are important – skills are no good without the knowledge. To put it simply: it’s no good knowing how to make a jam sandwich if you don’t have any bread, butter or jam.

It’s easy to give yourself the knowledge part though. The internet has lots of information at your fingertips (but remember to read E is for… E-safety first) and your local library will have more reference books and encyclopaedias than you could read in a life time.

It’s always fun to astound family and friends with little-known facts that you have found, so what are you waiting for?  Choose something that interests you, whether it’s planes, dinosaurs or outer space, and start increasing your knowledge.

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