L is for…

L is for… listening. Listening is a skill. It’s not the same as hearing. To really listen you need to concentrate. Try it now: close your eyes and concentrate on the sounds around you. You can probably hear the television and your family moving around, but if you listen you will be able to work out what TV programme is on, or which member of your family is moving around.

Try it again outside. You can probably hear birds singing. Now listen to them  do they all sound the same or do different birds have different calls?

It’s the same at school. It’s no good hearing your teacher talking while you gaze out of the window or play with your ruler. You need to really listen to what they are saying. Focus on them. Follow them with your eyes as they move around the classroom. If they write something on the board or show you a picture, have a look at it and then listen to what they are telling you about it.

It isn’t easy, but like everything else, the more you practise the better you will get.

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2 Responses to L is for…

  1. Mayumi-H says:

    Love this!
    Listening is a skill we all need to practice regularly. These good “study” habits will serve your students well later in life, too. I wish some of my students had had some of these lessons when they were first learning!
    I have a younger friend who is just starting out with her student tutoring/teaching. I’ll send her along to take a look at your blog; there’s so much good advice in here!

    • sjbwriting says:

      Thanks Mayumi. I’ve learnt so much from other people, especially since I joined Twitter. I’m always happy to share what I know with others – that way we can all become better teachers/tutors.

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