R is for…

R is for…Reading. The more you read the more ideas you will have for your own writing. There are so many different sorts of books around, you are sure to find something you like. Ask your friends what sort of books they enjoy and see if they can recommend some.

Most children like Harry Potter, but if you find them a bit difficult to read you might like to try Charlie Bone instead. He is another boy who goes to wizard school. If you enjoyed learning about ancient Greece in your topic lessons, you might enjoy Percy Jackson. Lots of girls like the Rainbow Fairies, the Magic Ponies and books by Jaqueline Wilson.

If you’re not very keen on fiction books, you could try some of the My Story books. Although they are not completely true stories, they have an element of truth in them, so you will learn a lot about different periods in history.

Why not pop down to your local library and talk to the children’s librarian? If you tell them what sort of things interest you, they will help you find the perfect book for you.

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