what’s the difference between a dolphin and an eggplant?

This post, by a friend of mine, would be a fantastic way to introduce children to the concept of using all of their senses to write descriptions, instead of just focusing on what things look like.

A Sense of Nature

This isn’t a joke from a Christmas cracker – and the answer may surprise you.
Admittedly, an eggplant is highly unlikely to bob up next to you when you’re in a boat. I wouldn’t recommend munching on a dolphin.
However, if you were to touch a dolphin and an eggplant, you’d discover the similarities are striking.
I swam with dolphins in Florida 8 years ago.
For the 30 seconds they pulled me through the water, the world stopped. It’s a surreal experience.
This would mean a lot to anyone – but I enjoyed it especially because I am totally blind.
I’ve been blind since birth, but my parents instilled a love of nature in me from an early age.
Wherever we went – I was encouraged to taste, smell, hear and touch things.
This continued as I got older. I went on safari in Zimbabwe and felt a porcupine’s spine…

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