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Tips on how to teach your dyslexic child to read.

Originally posted on Dyslexia Parents Guide:
Dyslexics have difficulty recalling words. As soon as your child has learned enough common sight words if they continue reading very easy books every day they will usually be able to recall the words…

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W is for…

W is for…Writing. There are already lots of tips in this A-Z of learning for making your writing better. Have another look at A is for…Adjectives, C is for…Connectives, O is for…Openers, Q is for…Quality and Quantity and V is … Continue reading

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How Dyslexia Friendly are Your Documents?

Yesterday I attended a course on dyslexia, and the trainer gave us a few tips to make your documents easier to read and process for people with dyslexia. They are easy to implement and will have no, or very little, … Continue reading

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