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How can I help my child with their homework?

It’s difficult. You want to support your child with their homework, but you don’t want to do it for them. So, how much help should you give them and what’s the best way to go about it? The first thing … Continue reading

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How can I help my child with their maths homework?

As a private maths tutor, I often get asked by parents, “How can I support my child with their maths homework without doing it for them?” In the short-term, the best thing you can do, is to read through it … Continue reading

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How can I help my child with their English homework?

As a tutor, one of the questions I get asked most often by parents is, “How can I help my child with their homework?” They understand that they shouldn’t be doing the homework for their child, but are not sure … Continue reading

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Back to the Classroom

This year I enrolled in a British Sign Language evening class. I’ve already passed levels 1 and 2, so now I’m beginning Level 3. It’s always strange to be back in the class part of the classroom rather than in … Continue reading

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H is for…

H is for…Homework.  You may have heard the saying “Practice makes perfect”. This saying means that the more often you do something, the better at it you become. This is why your teacher or tutor gives you homework. It’s to … Continue reading

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