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How can I help my child with their English homework?

As a tutor, one of the questions I get asked most often by parents is, “How can I help my child with their homework?” They understand that they shouldn’t be doing the homework for their child, but are not sure … Continue reading

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Literacy in a School for the Deaf

Lessons are taught in a mixture of English, SSE (Sign Supported English) and BSL (British Sign Language) depending on the subject being taught and the needs of the class. Literacy lessons are very visual. Just like in a mainstream school, … Continue reading

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what’s the difference between a dolphin and an eggplant?

Originally posted on A Sense of Nature:
This isn’t a joke from a Christmas cracker – and the answer may surprise you. Admittedly, an eggplant is highly unlikely to bob up next to you when you’re in a boat. I…

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C is for…

C is for…Connectives.  These are words which join two sentences together. Some simple ones are ‘and’ and ‘but’, but these are not very exciting. On the wall in your classroom you will probably have a list of connectives. It’s tempting … Continue reading

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