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Phonics in a School for the Deaf

As a teacher who has been learning sign language (BSL) for the last few years, I have often wondered how you would teach a deaf child to read. Recently I was lucky enough to find out, when I spent a … Continue reading

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Tips on how to teach your dyslexic child to read.

Originally posted on Dyslexia Parents Guide:
Dyslexics have difficulty recalling words. As soon as your child has learned enough common sight words if they continue reading very easy books every day they will usually be able to recall the words…

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Why Don’t Children Read More? (part 3)

I tutor a couple of children who hate reading. I don’t mean they’d rather play football or computer games than read,  I mean they’d rather gargle saltwater than pick up a book. It’s always a challenge to find something that … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Children Read More? (part 2)

I have read 13 books so far this year. Many of them have contained at least one mistake, and a few of them have been so riddled with mistakes I couldn’t help wondering whether the publishing company had even heard … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Children Read More? (part 1)

Whose Fault is it that children don’t read? Why don’t children read more? It’s a question I’m always asking myself and never finding an answer to. When your job is to help children improve their writing and reading comprehension skills, … Continue reading

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R is for…

R is for…Reading. The more you read the more ideas you will have for your own writing. There are so many different sorts of books around, you are sure to find something you like. Ask your friends what sort of … Continue reading

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Summer Reading

It’s the summer holidays. Hopefully everyone is enjoying the time off, but if you or your young ones are getting bored, why not have a look at these books? For KS1: Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat by Ursula Williams. This is … Continue reading

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